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School's Founder


Behind love for one's close and an unimaginable potential for a rescue operation, the story of Torņkalna Private Middle School began. Later, the story of Āgenskalna Private Kindergarten unfolded. Now, Āgenskalna Private Kindergarten is a safe place where EVERYONE can grow harmoniously, thrive, and learn social skills. What's more, we learn from each other's strengths and from early childhood, we learn to live in an inclusive, integrated, creative, and intellectually rich society.

“In less than three years, he was assembling mosaics intended for seven-year-olds, but by five he was putting together mosaics consisting of a thousand pieces. Moreover, he did it without hesitation: as soon as he picked up a piece of mosaic, he immediately knew where to place it. His sense of color nuances and spatial perception was and is very developed. At the age of four, he began assembling LEGO: he looked at a picture and assembled everything exactly as it should be. He knew every tiny detail of each Lego: if one was misplaced from another set, he immediately put it in its place. Even if all the Lego sets were mixed together, he could sort them out. That's how his mind works. Gustavs developed very well intellectually, but at the same time, his social development did not progress at all. When our son was expelled from kindergarten for the second time, we returned to Riga. At the age of four, I took Gustavs to a private kindergarten. There was a calmer atmosphere and more flexible teachers, but even here, every now and then, they told me: "Gustavs is antisocial, he needs homeschooling." The idea of isolating my son did not seem right to me, especially because he is intellectually very gifted.”


Excerpt from an interview with the founder of Āgenskalna Private Kindergarten, Elizabete, for the “Mammām un Tētiem” portal.

Elizabeth Vectirāne

Our teachers

"Love for one another surpasses differences."

Robert Rose, Latviešu Valoda un Literatūra, Dzejas, Prozas, Daiļrunas Pulciņš

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