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Image by Amy Humphries

Elizabeth's Āgenskalns Private Secondary School

We are the next chapter of the Torņakalns Private Middle School, situated right in the heart of Āgenskalns'. With an area of 1400 square meters and growing, our school now boasts not just more room but also a diverse courtyard for all ages. Our dedication to inclusivity persists, ensuring everyone can reach their ultimate goals.

Here - You can be who you want to be!


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"My son attended several private schools which promised individualised attention, but in reality, it was just advertising. His academic performance suffered greatly, and upon joining this school, we needed a year of tailored tuition to catch up with the other children. From an insecure boy whose educational level was two years below where it should have been, who suffered from psychological traumas acquired in other private schools, and who wasn't accepted into any group, Christopher has transformed into a confident, intelligent, conscious, and diligent young man who everyone wants to be friends with, and who finishes every academic year with a silver certificate.
It's an invaluable contribution that each of the educators has bestowed upon my child. Thank God for such a school!"

Munise, mother

Ksenija, mother

A unique atmosphere, the energy of teachers, and their smiles create a positive and conducive learning environment.
This school isn't in the business of "breaking" kids but breaking away from educational clichés :)

Gatis, father

...the small number of students in the class allows for an individual approach to each child. Sometimes, it seems as if our daughter has her own personal teacher :)

Munise, mother

The investment each teacher has made in my child is immeasurable. Thank the heavens for this school!
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