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Learning Sign Language


Our mission is to create an inclusive environment focused on growth and discovering the individual potential of each person


We believe that we ourselves create a better world. What we give is a reflection of what we have within. EMPATHY sits at the top of our values list.



In the future, CREATIVE THINKING will be the essential requirement. Knowledge will evolve, but the ability to find the necessary solution will be irreplaceable. We embrace creativity in our actions!"



Who decides where each's limits are? We believe, in our school, that it's a personal decision – no AIM is too challenging not to embark on the path...


Social Skills

An inclusive setting doesn't come naturall – it's something we must feel and actively create. Being accepting is the highest form of social thinking. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE must also be nurtured in school.



Being UNIQUE can't be wrong, for God has created each one of us perfectly. To let any imperfections or differences aid in learning and achieving the utmost possible, one must understand, accept, and wisely support.


Global Thinking

Whilst Latvia remains close to our hearts, it's essential to think broader. Thinking in two, three, or even four and five languages is possible if we are fearless. We are becoming MULTILINGUAL.

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Leaving a Mark

Whatever we create, we leave our very own mark on it. This school embodies my values. At last, I have managed to "raise" it to a teenager ready to face larger challenges with a clearer sense of their future.

I've always had a fondness for the English language since my school days, as I listened to music exclusively in English. Hence, I've also nurtured this love for the language in my children from the very beginning.

We are now ready to introduce bilingual (even trilingual) education at the school, which will offer our children broader opportunities in the future. This currently poses our biggest challenge...

Over the past few years, I've been repeatedly convinced that emotional intelligence is paramount for each individual. With its help, even intuitively, we can determine the most appropriate course of action or solution. This is the next goal I've set for myself in shaping the personalities of the new generation.

I am fascinated by the inventors of the new generation because they possess such fearlessness... I see it in our school children too – I wonder what they will want to invent?

I still believe in the good, and that only through acceptance can each of us be closer to inner peace. There isn't an ideal world where each of us has to be perfect – we can be precisely who we are meant to be in this diverse world.

School's Founder - Elizabeth Vectirāne

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